Stater Docs

Governance Process

Overview of the governance process

Community Governance

Community governance represent the main way for the Stater team to consult with the community. STR token holders will be able to vote features and updates on our project. These proposal occur on a regular basis and typically have a pre-determined agenda of issues to be voted and passed. This represents a central component of the team's commitment to transparency and community engagement on the path to full decentralization.

Community Token Pool

30% of the total supply will be allocated to the community treasury and will be used in allocating community grants for the development of our project. We believe that a community-owned treasury will open a new world of possibilities and we'll see new creative experiments that will foster the growth of the Stater ecosystem.

Participating in Governance

Governance proposals will act as a tool to deliver a product that is closer to the community and the users and the discussion will be around but not limited to the following topics:
  • New features requirements.
  • Updates on available functionalities.
  • Community grants allocation and distribution.

Voting and Quorum

Any user that holds at least 5000 STR when a specific proposal has been issued can participate in the voting process and express his opinion on that topic.
At least 300,000 STR are required to vote "yes" in order to reach cvorum and pass the vote.